The Application Form has to be completed and submitted, most of the fields, but not all, are required.

If you are a Second Year Applicant, your form is found here!

There are four résumés that we recommend you prepare in advance and have ready to just copy-paste into the form. Several documents have to be uploaded, some require a previous scanning, all have to be saved as pdf-documents (.pdf).

When you submit your Application you will get a confirmation on the screen and an e-mail with a copy to the e-mail address you have used.

Download the check-list that helps you to get everything in place!

Download The Foundation Blanceflor budget form, compulsory for application.

Prepare your EU CV, compulsory for application.

If you are missing some documents – like the letter of invitation or a letter of a recommendation – then in its place upload a document written by yourself explaining why it is missing and when you will be able to complete the Application.