Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) based on previous inquiries. Most or all of these questions are also answered if you read through the text under Scholarship and revise the Application Form. If you have any further inquiry you are welcome to send us an e-mail to info(at)blanceflor.se with a suggestion! We welcome your support!

I am a Medical doctor, not PhD, do I qualify anyway for a scholarship?

The Foundation Blanceflor support high-level academic studies and research and prioritise doc and post-doc applicants.

Do I need to have an established relation with a receiving institution, or could I apply for the scholarship without a receiving institution, PhD program, etc.?

 Having a receiving institution is an absolute requisite, without it your application will not be finally considered. Moreover, you must certify this relation with a letter from the receiving institution. This letter should be written and signed by a relevant person on the receiving institution’s stationery paper, scanned and saved as a pdf.

Is it possible to apply, already having initiated the studies/research period?

Yes, the scholarship is granted for a maximum of a one-year period, specified in your application, while studies/research often span over a longer period of time. However, one could apply for a second year with scholarship from The Foundation Blanceflor.

Can a 12-month period start and end at any time (for example, start September, etc.)

Yes, the scholarship is awarded for one year at a time and the supposed period for starting is from May-June onwards, but there is no problem starting later. However if it is later than May-June the following year you are supposed to apply during that next period, the following year.

How to manage a study period spanning over several years?

You apply for the scholarship for one year, in the budget and other documents you detail the whole period. You are then enabled to apply for a second year.

Do I have to translate the study certificates into English?

No, it is OK to include them in their original language, we’ll manage.

The Project Proposal, should it be more general or more ‘technical’?

It should, of course, reflect the complete project and our board are specialists in their areas and thus able to read a purely scientific description.

The receiving institution pays a salary, is that an impediment while applying for the scholarship?

No, not at all, but detail all contributions in the budget sheet. The Scholarship is meant for personal expenses.

I have applied for other scholarships or resources, does that disqualify me for an award from The Foundation Blanceflor?

No, it does not, but detail whatever contribution in your Budget estimation.

Could the receiving institution send the letter of invitation directly to The Foundation Blanceflor?

No, it should be written on institutional stationery paper, signed by a relevant person, scanned and saved as a pdf and uploaded with your application.

Can I get a scholarship for studies not integrated in the formal academic system?

The Foundation Blanceflor scholarship is oriented towards academic studies and institutions.